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Think about this, folks. What have you been doing for the past 16 years with your life?

All those wonderful experiences you enjoyed. Those life changing events that you are so glad you never missed out on. All those big and small moments in your life that are completely irreplaceable. All those photographs, birthdays, anniversaries and love letters. All those intimate moments and wild adventures with family, friends and lovers. Whether it be coming of age or growing old gracefully, this is the stuff of life itself.

Now imagine that the last 16 years never existed at all. Taken away from you in the blink of an eye. Illegally. Illegitimately. Never to return. How would it feel? What would you do to correct this extreme act of cruelty and injustice? What would you do to get your life back again?

Let’s pause for a moment to let that sink in. You’d have to say it’s cruel and unusual punishment by any stretch of the imagination, right? After all, we do have a constitution that prohibits that in this country, right? Sadly, when it comes to the life of one John Ford, the answer is a resounding "NO"!

Herein lies the foundation of THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE with a prime directive in freeing John Ford by getting the word out regarding the illegal, illegitimate and highly unethical imprisonment of John Ford for the past 16 years as a victim of injustice at the hands of the Suffolk County Government. Targetted by a level of corruption that would put anyone in a state of utter shock and disgust, John Ford has remained a political prisoner at the MID-HUDSON FORENSIC PSYCHIATRIC CENTER in New Hampton, New York, ever since.

This is truly a worthwhile cause that any citizen in the court of public opinion of the United States of America would want to get involved with so as to correct this travesty of justice and release John Ford immediately. Anything less would have to be considered unacceptable and intolerable by one and all.

Very important segment to watch. It brings together excellent summary interviews from both John Ford and senior investigator Brian Levens on the issues and details leading up to John Ford’s illegal arrest and illegitimate imprisonment. This video coincides with the INFO LINKS and DOWNLOADS listed to the left.

THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE represents the unified collaboration of multiple entities including:

The Society and Culture Examiner
The Richard Smith Show

Inspired by the earnest and valiant efforts of the original John Ford Defense Committee in the late nineties, this new collaboration gives THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE a strong and undeniable presence, putting the illegal imprisonment of John Ford for the past 16 years under a tremendous magnifying glass for everyone to see.

As a homebase, this page and its web address — — will serve as the central headquarters for information, updates, interviews, links, documents, articles and donations relating to THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE.

The official email is:

Included on this page are many of the important web links to the articles that have been written about the ridiculous charges that were leveled against John Ford by the Suffolk County Governemnt and the police officers involved with his illegal and illegitimate arrest. PDF and Word documents to many of the articles have been included here as well so that you can have the flexibility to download, print out and spread around the information regarding John Ford and his freedom.

We have spent many endless hours collecting this information that has been brought together on this page for your convenience and benefit, including John Ford’s current legal representation, as well as the psychiatric center he has been illegally incarcerated at and all the contact information therein so that you can use it quickly and effectively on behalf of John Ford.

You can always find the link to THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE at the bottom of this and every page on UFOTEACHER.COM.

All monetary donations for the THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE are being handled by RICHARDSMITH.CO LLC.

The Donate Button goes LIVE!


the ufoteacher initiative facebook

the ufoteacher initiative linked

the ufoteacher initiative ning

the john ford initiative donation

the richard smith show spreaker

the richard smith show podcast

Here is a wonderful opportunity for you, me and the next door neighbor to step up to the plate and do something real for a fellow citizen in need.

We are always looking for proactive and sensible ways in which our loyal advocates, supporters and sponsors can help us get the word out.

To this end, we have left the donation amount open to you, which means you are in control of what you want to give. Remember, whether it be $1 or $1000, your donation is always appreciated as it makes possible our efforts to move in a forward motion and free John Ford immediately.

The official email is:

At anytime, you may click on the Donate Now button located throughout this page.

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.


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