New comment on “In Defense Of John Ford Part 1”

In case you are interested – generating new interest and momentum.

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> I’m new to your group and therefore may be rehashing old news. I’m > looking forward to reading further about John Ford. >
> I must assume that most of you have read “The Day After Roswell” by > Col. Phillip Corso. A friend, retired Lockheed engineer, recommended > the book. After reading it, I became more convinced than ever that > UFO’s do exist. In talking further with my friend, he revealed that he > had friends at the “Skunk Works” who knew Col. Corso well and verified > his story. >
> I have also heard from several business contacts that there is a > rumor in the space industry that the Apollo 17 crew members who landed > on the moon were told by an alien being, “never to return.” There also > seems to be some validity to this rumor. It also may say much about > why we’ve never gone back to the moon. > Posted by Steve Lynch
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