Roku releases new streaming devices, operating system – The Desk


Heads up! New product announcement from Roku. They have unveiled a new rechargeable remote, new Roku Express 4K Plus, and other gadgets along with a new operating system, Roku OS 10.

Watch “Richard Dolan. Managing Conspiracy Theories: How the CIA Created the Term.” on YouTube


Did you know that the very phrase “conspiracy theorist” was used back in 1967 in a classified #CIA dispatch providing instructions on how to manipulate and manage public opinion?
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Managing Conspiracy Theories

Miracle, Vision of the Moor

Haven’t you ever wondered where the word miracle came from? Mir (Moor, Muur) + acle (oc, ocular, occult). The word miracle has always meant ‘vision of the Moor’, ‘knowledge of the Moor’, and ‘wisdom of the Moor’. Unfortunately, with the Moorish Legacy being intentionally buried in the backdrop of conventional history, the term miracle was whitewashed into the absurd notions we have today about its definition.

A miracle is an ancient truth hiding in plain sight, presented to us by that historical golden thread known as the Moorish Legacy, the Lamp of Illumination, and the Temple of Solomon. It is at the very core of what we refer to as mind over matter, quantum physics, synchronicity, metaphysics, and the matrix.

The next time you think you’ve witnessed what you perceive as a miracle, take a few steps back from that scenario and ask yourself, “Did I create that?” In most cases you did, just like the little girl, Sati, from The Matrix. Where do you think poltergeist activity comes from? Your mind. A more dysfunctional mind will equate to a more profane experience.

Remember, miracles are not external phenomena. They are internal manifestations of the mind, and your mind represents the creation and expansion of the universe. This is what the entire galactic community has been trying to tell us ever since we split the atom.