U.S. Senate votes against calling witnesses in Trump impeachment trial, clears way for acquittal



Come November, the Republican Party is dead in the water. No one is going to trust the Republican conservative right-wing mentality after branding this kind of irrational and indelible stain on the Senate. At this point, Republicans have become a permanent corporate-funded enemy of the people.


“The most important Book Manifesto ever written. Once again…one of the most valuable books ever written on the subject of the sun-kissed people of the earth…the so-called black people (Moors)… Mason’s and Aliens!!! I read this three times already, and it’s just as good if not better than the first I can’t make up my mind! Usually, the second book in a series leaves much to be desired. Not this one!!! WOW!!! Richard Smith has outdone himself once again! Thank you so much for your bravery, honesty and truth in a dysfunctional world we live in! You are Amazing!!! Thank you sooooooo much for allowing us to peek into the Abyss of lies perpetrated on a people misrepresented on this continent for decades. I bought two books, will be purchasing Moor for the holidays as gifts!!! Peace and Love Always”

– Cynthia Martin-El on The Moor, the Mason and the Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto

How Trump has Betrayed the Working Class


The consequences of Trump’s and the Republicans’ excessive corporate giveaways and their failure to improve the lives of ordinary working Americans are becoming clearer by the day. Read Robert Reich’s article here >> https://robertreich.org/post/189838231535

The Kings Are Coming by Linda Maria Smith


“Well worth the reading of ‘The Kings Are Coming’. It’s an intense documentation and daily journaling of experiences with the “Kings.” I’ve never read an experiencer’s documentation as in depth as this one. I highly recommend this book for both therapists and experiencers.”

Marilyn Carlson, Hypnotherapist, Assistant State Director, Field Investigator and Oklahoma State Director MUFON, Oklahoma Paranormal Team Joint Director and Senior Investigator