OPEN CALL: MMA Part III: Rise of the Invisible College

OPEN CALL: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien Part III: Rise of the Invisible College

I am currently writing Part III of the MMA book series, “Rise of the Invisible College”. Since the book’s primary focus centers around movie and television examples over the last 40 years, I am encouraging audience participation.

If you have a favorite film or TV show that you recommend for inclusion in “Part III: Rise of the Invisible College”, please feel free to suggest it here in the comments. Your recommendations and support are truly appreciated. Thank you.

The Texas power grid failure reminds us of the fragile foundations of American life – The Washington Post

The grid is great until you notice it. It’s omnipresent, but an afterthought — until it flickers, shorts, stutters, goes out. That’s when you think about the grid: when the refrigerator grumbles to silence, when the HVAC thumps goodbye, when the WiFi evaporates. To notice the grid is to be powerless. To try to understand it is to be completely in the dark.